Where Did The Time Go?

It’s been a while since I’ve been around here, but that doesn’t mean that time has stopped…  In fact, as I continue to age, it feels like someone has placed their foot squarely on the accelerator of life and brought me to this point.

It feels like just yesterday that spring was in the air and my children were all coming home to spend the summer together with us.  Now we’re into the “dog days” of summer and my two youngest start school in a week.  They’re home getting ready for the big year ahead, and my life is a little more silent my soul a little more empty…

Now, to “throw a little more salt on the wound”, today is the day my oldest son has decided to spread his wings and take on the world.  I knew this day was coming, I just wasn’t ready.  For centuries upon centuries, children have been growing up and moving on with their lives, leaving their parents to question whether they did enough, taught them enough, prepared them enough to take on the “BIG BAD WORLD” ahead of them.  I’m finding myself asking those same questions today…  Did I do enough?  Did I teach enough?  Does he know that I care?

And YES, my soul is even more empty yet…


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